Valentina Moretti, JD, MA

Valentina Moretti co-founded Samandhel Corporation in 2007, and has served as Vice-President up to date. Since its founding, she has served as the face of the company, has developed and nourished relationships with clients, and has steered the direction of the company. She also leads the company's social responsibility efforts, screening facilities and affiliates to ensure that products and services are sourced, produced, and performed sustainably, and humanely.  


Valentina is an entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in global business. Previously, Valentina practiced environmental law for 12 years. Additionally, Valentina is committed to community engagement and corporate social responsibility at a local level. Outside of Samandhel, Valentina is an agent of change through leadership and teamwork across a variety and nonprofits in South Florida, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. She is an active member of the Boca Raton Junior League, Hispanic Leaders of Broward and the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce.  


Valentina holds a Juris Doctor from Central University of Venezuela, and a Master of Science in Environmental and Crisis Management from Simon Bolivar University. She lives with her family in Boca Raton, Florida.  


Despite a successful career in law, she decided to develop her own business where she could apply her legal knowledge, passion for problem-solving, and intercultural communication skills.

WTCPB Contributor

Samandhel Corp., provides sourcing, purchasing and consulting services to companies seeking to enter the international trade market. Specifically the South Florida Region – also known as the "Epicenter of the Western Hemisphere."