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International trade has been growing rapidly accounting for a greater share of world output, benefiting national and regional economies across the globe.  Global exports have been rising at an average rate twice the growth rate of world production.  While reduced trade barriers and lower transportation costs have been significant in encouraging world trade growth, entry into global trade for any individual firm remains a complex matter requiring a whole range of trade services, trade leads and specialized skills.  This is particularly true for small and mid-size firms, which often lack these specific capabilities.

World Trade Center Palm Beach manages the challenges a company may face as it develops an effective international presence.  The global possibilities for businesses in today’s marketplace are increasing at an unprecedented pace and the most successful companies embrace an international perspective by positioning themselves as leaders in their field.

Clients will benefit from the current information provided to make informed decisions about the international business opportunities they are pursuing.  Customized market research, trade information, educational seminars and events, inbound/ outbound trade missions, international virtual trade fairs and exhibitions, import/ export brokering, project investment, business development, and corporate services (law and finance) expertise is available for participants of all events.

World Trade Center Palm Beach promotes international business by providing a gateway to global trade and commerce.

In conjunction with the World Trade Centers Association, World Trade Center Palm Beach is the region’s only organization capable of providing immediate assistance to its clients through an extensive network of associates in over 90 different countries.  


Because of its unique capabilities, World Trade Center Palm Beach can help a client company stay at the forefront of international growth with a complete array of worldwide events, activities, and global trade services.  


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