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Our Services

The World Trade Center Palm Beach provides international trade and business development services to community partners statewide with a particular focus on these Florida counties:


Providing Local Business & Industry A Gateway To Global Trade & Commerce


World Trade Center Palm Beach clients will have access to up-to-date information on markets throughout the world, including: Manufacturers/Distributors, Service Providers, Business Culture, Government Regulations, and Market Conditions/Research.

Client Based Services

Expertise to assist at every step of the trade equation


Penetrating new markets, both nationally and internationally, requires a unique understanding of the market, its commercial regulations, cultural differences, opportunities, and strategies.  It is not surprising that many organizations are so intimated by the process that they fail to take the next step towards their success.  

Providing a  high level of  international business expertise

This interactive and engaging online environment provides an array of opportunities


Product demonstrations, video chats, data-driven matchmaking through artificial intelligence capability, and flexible meeting scheduling with customers and prospects…


A virtual trade show in many ways can be better than the annual trade event and is rapidly becoming an integral part of most company marketing strategies and plans.

Sponsorships • Cost Savings

Working to expose our region to new customers, suppliers, and partners. 

WTCPB working with partners to build an intelligent business networking platform that allows institutions to effortlessly establish new opportunities and partnerships across the global marketplace.

A Network of Networks

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You Are Not Alone

World Trade Center Palm Beach delivers the information, strategic guidance, and expertise to assist at every step of the trade equation.


Because of the reciprocating nature of the WTCA network, companies affiliated with World Trade Center Palm Beach have access to the services and facilities offered by World Trade Centers across the globe.

Business Meeting

World Trade Center Palm Beach generates regional opportunities, jobs, tourism and educational programing through its core client service areas, which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Customized market research

  2. Trade Information (strategic alliance with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce)

  3. Educational seminars and events

  4. Inbound/outbound trade missions

  5. International virtual trade fairs and exhibitions

  6. Import/export brokering

  7. Governmental economic development

  8. Project investment

  9. Business Development

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