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Doc-Solutions is a technology company providing a robust document security solution that protects documents from unintended access in real time and with full audit trail.  


Providing on-premise or cloud based solutions to protect sensitive documents from unauthorized access.
Protected documents can be shared via standard distribution methods such as email, cloud storage, and web downloads with the confidence that only intended recipients can open them.  


Access can be adjusted or terminated in real time and documents can expire or be limited to the number of times it can be opened and from specific devices.  Authentication can implement various strategies like Multi Factor or 2FA, Certificate based (Device), Active Directory Domain, Authenticator applications, and other third party online authorization platforms.
Doc-Solutions offer Electronic Document Management solutions for digital transformations through automated workflows, integration services between critical line of business applications, consulting and custom application development.

Preventing Document Leaks Before It's Too Late


WTCPB Contributors

Gavin Rembach_Doc-Solutions.jpg

Gavin Rembach, President

Gavin's primary assignment for Doc-Solutions is responsibility for all aspects of technology which includes; hardware, software, development of Doc-Solutions products, networking information security, and compliance with policy and procedure.


Jose Manzur, Vice President

Beginning as a United States Marine, with several decades of experience in creating paperless processes and increasing back office automation for small organization or large enterprises. Today Jose is a provider of Document-Centric services and solutions to meet increased proficiency, automation, security and privacy needs. 

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