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Introducing "Immencity"

Bringing Together Buyers, Suppliers & Partners

Immencity is an online business ‘network of networks’ for professionals and organizations powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where they can:

  1. Find new customers / suppliers / partners / Solutions

  2. Connect with other members

  3. Get news that is relevant to their business and industry

  4. Find events that is relevant to them

  5. Collaborate in groups on specific topics

  6. Transact Business


Strengthening WTCs business networks

Unlike most networks, the User access is allowed only through Professional Associations. This gives the Professional Associations the power to moderate the access, and User activities on the network. It also allows the Professional Associations to facilitate access to grow their business by automatically recommending and connecting one User to another, where mutual benefit is possible.


Immencity by itself also intelligently proposes connections to the network Users based on their needs.

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