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Pamela Dubin

A humanitarian, entrepreneur and creative thought leader, Pamela Dubin has spent her lifetime working with global, national and local leadership.  Her goal:  to enhance their roles in public life and increase impact of leadership, growth, diplomacy, trade and culture. 
She has devoted her career to magnifying the important and good work done by the preeminent thinkers and creators of our time, moving within their ranks to transform “good intentions” into “excellence.”  This has been both her career and her life’s mission.
Working side by side with elected officials, CEO’s executive directors, diplomats, boards of directors and presidents of organizations, Dubin has been the one to put creativity, resilience and efficiency in the management of crises and urgent needs from security and countering extremism to economic development, from mental health to culture and from education to next-gen leadership. 
Her work in the US and internationally has been animated by a spirit of creativity and vision, and shaped by her experiences across the spectrums of innovation, technology, politics, faith and philanthropy.  


Pamela earned her MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin.


Pamela lives in Boca Raton Florida and spends parts of the year in the Middle East.

WTCPB Contributor


Pamela's real innate area of expertise is in the area of developing people and ideas to create a greater sum from all parts. Her relationships are both enduring and far reaching– impacting lives from around the world– and around the corner.

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