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Connect Globally & Prosper Locally

For a half century, the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) and its large network encompassing 314 World Trade Centers in 91 countries has been successfully connecting global agencies to improve international trade and commerce around the globe. The World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) is proud to be part of this network for over a decade.

At WTCPB we believe the opportune set of circumstances are unfolding right now — as the globe is slowly re-open after COVID-19 lockdowns. Through our WTCA network we are monitoring the international trade landscape, with access to detailed information about imports, market dynamics, tariffs, regulatory requirements, potential buyers and more.

Local businesses aiming to join the international market will have better access finding partners for financing, trade strategy development, distribution and more when using World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) resources.

One of these resources is our WTCPB Reciprocity Desk. This is designed as an internal connection request tool where World Trade Centers can get in touch with each other to solicit assistance for ongoing projects. For example, using this tool, a World Trade Center in North America can market a business they’re affiliated with to another World Trade Center in Europe. Once approved, the European World Trade Center will spread the message to the European businesses and investors affiliated with them, creating connections and business opportunities previously unattainable.

Is your business prepared to expand into new markets?

By maintaining healthy relationships with other World Trade Centers, our global trade tools allow us to reach out and find potential buyers and business partners for our clients. Thanks to the active, friendly community provided by the WTCA, in the event a World Trade Center cannot provide aid to the request at hand, they will offer any support they can and refer us if possible.

WTCPB, a world of trade opportunities in one place. No Membership Required.


Sam Parada, WTCPB News Writer,


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