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Richard S. Lehman, Esq.

With nearly 45 years as a tax lawyer in Florida – Mr. Lehman has built a tax law firm with a national reputation for being able to handle the toughest tax cases, structure the most sophisticated income tax and estate tax plans, and defend clients before the IRS.


Mr. Lehman began his career in tax law with;

  • a law degree from Georgetown University,

  • a Master’s Degree in tax law from New York University, and

  • two years of clerking for the Honorable William M. Fay, a Judge on the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C.

  • Mr. Lehman spent several years as the senior attorney of the Interpretive Division of the Chief Counsel’s office at the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS's internal law firm.


Mr. Lehman has had extensive experience with all areas of the Internal Revenue code that apply to American taxpayers and non-resident aliens and foreign corporations investing or conducting business in the United States, as well as U.S. citizens and domestic corporations investing abroad.


Richard works with other lawyers, accountants, business leaders and individuals who are struggling to find their way through the complexities of United States Tax Law. Regardless, of the issue, he has consistently guided clients through the legal maze with sophisticated tax strategies that assist a wide range of clients including:


  1. Those with complex tax dilemmas, both domestic and foreign

  2. Foreigners investing in and immigrating to the United States

  3. United States citizens and corporations investing in foreign countries

  4. Families with complicated estate tax situations

  5. Ponzi scheme victims seeking tax relief

Presented by Richard S. Lehman, U.S Tax Attorney

Pre-Immigration Tax Law For Individuals Immigrating To The U.S.

WTCPB Contributor


A published author and noted speaker, Mr. Lehman has carved a reputation as a powerful client advocate.


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