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Jacob William

Jacob in 2002 was the employee #1 of the company he founded, FLATWORLD SOLUTIONS, a global corporation offering solutions in IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing Services and Artificial Intelligence. 


Today FWS is a multinational force with over 4,000 associates.


Jacob has the unique ability to attract and engage the best talent to create global teams, he also is always looking at new business opportunities related to technology.


In 2015 Jacob decided to buy one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data company of India: QUADRATYX.


In 2016 Jacob moved with his family to West Palm Beach, Florida.


In 2017 he led the acquisition of the World Trade Center license for Pereira, Colombia.


In Pereira the new WTC will host some of the outsourcing services and will become QUADRATYX’s Latin America HQ. This WTC is planned to open the door of the new building in 2023.


Jacob speaks multiple languages and enjoys global cuisine, (he is an ardent foodie). He loves travel and adventure.

WTCPB Contributor


Technology Innovation Development

Jacob William was born and raised in Southern India. He was employee #1 of his current team of over 4,000, offering different outsourcing services to the USA and Europe.

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