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Lauro Bianda

Lauro was born and raised in Southern Switzerland. Graduated in banking and commerce from the Swiss Federal School of Commerce, he fluently speaks 6 languages.  


After working in the Private banking sector Lauro joined a swiss Fiduciary company. Being fluent in Spanish and English, he was assigned to North American and Latin American clientele and so he traveled and worked for over 20 years throughout the Americas.  


In 1996 with his family he moved to Palm Beach County, Florida.


In 2000 Lauro founded AGYCON a company focused on Latin America providing facilitation and consulting services, helping faster and more efficient business goal achievements in the region. 


In 2002 Lauro joined and became a Board Member of WTC Palm Beach.


As a member the Team Florida led by Gov. Jeb Bush, Lauro participated to over 20 trade missions in the Americas and Europe.


In 2002 Lauro was awarded the U.S. COMMERCIAL SERVICE’S ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by the U.S. Department of Commerce.  


In 2017 he was appointed GM of the World Trade Center Pereira, Colombia.


In Pereira the new WTC will be focused on new technologies and the new building is planned to open in 2023.

WTCPB Contributor


International Business Development

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