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Artificial Intelligence- The Future Is Now

WTCPB has entered into a strategic relationship with NSLHUB --> NSLHUB is now Brane Enterprises!

What Google Did for Information, NSL does for Solutions. With a team of 1500+ Technology & Industry experts we have "Invented" a Patented Tech platform which can develop Any Complex Enterprise Class Solutions Using Any Spoken Language in just 1% of the time taken by conventional programmers. Its 2 Generations ahead of any Low-Code No-Code or NLP's platforms including the ones backed by the big 5. NSL is clearly a "Disruptive Invention" which has the ability to empower every Individual globally to becoming a Solutions Developer by eliminating the necessity of code. Example: A typical programmer generates 2500 lines of code per month or 25,000-30,000 lines of code per year. In our paradigm, a High School student with no formal Technology exposure was able to generate 9000 lines of code in 1.5 Hrs or 27,000 lines of code in half a day which is equivalent to almost 1 year of coding generated by a Software Engineer. Helps eradicate complete dependency on Technologists for any solution development and turns every Individual as a Citizen Developer. Visit website and learn more:

For more information or to schedule a demonstration call:

Alfred Zucaro 561-644-1665


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