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Bahraini, Indian And Americans – Utilizing The FTA To Start Businesses And Joint Ventures

During our February 16 webinar "Cross-Border Business Development; Palm Beach & Bahrain" we were honored to have so many diplomats and professionals speak about the evolving relationship between the business and educational communities of Palm Beach and Bahrain, including Zahraa Taher, Finmark Communication, Secretary Bahrain India Society

Thank you very much Al Zucaro. Good evening, everyone in Bahrain, and good morning, everyone in the States.

As Maggie said, we thought that this was only a plan and it's happening right now. We're all talking from Florida, from Bahrain. There are lots of members from India. I've been hearing a lot about my country, the Kingdom of Bahrain and all the different facilities we have, all the things which makes us unique. And as this session is about the FTA, we at the American Chamber of Commerce for the last 16 years, we were formed because of the FTA.

We've been trying to explain to the world that what makes Bahrain a good place for investment is the FTA because they have the right access to the American markets. And of course, even the Americans have access to Bahrain. Being on both boards, the board of Bahrain India Society and the board of the American Chamber of Commerce, and coming from the communication firm, I see a lot of potential opportunities for companies, for individuals to partner up, whether they are from the America or Bahrain or India established businesses in Bahrain in order to export to America and vice versa. So I don't want to say more than what Mr. Abdulrahman Juma said. The FTA is an excellent opportunity. I know that other countries might have FTA with the USA, but what Bahrain has different is all the other things, which my colleague from EDB has highlighted. And of course, the American Embassy said that I was very happy that the American Embassy actually promoted Bahrain and told you what we offer.

So it's always different when a non Bahraini says how many good things we have in Bahrain. So I would encourage everyone, whether he or she is a Bahraini, Indian and American, to utilize the FTA to start their businesses, their joint ventures.

Thank you.

— Zahraa Taher,

Finmark Communication, Secretary Bahrain India Society, American Chamber of Commerce board member


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