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Thriving Beyond Boundaries & Creating Cultures of Excellence Worldwide

Culture is the Soul of your business. It stems from the values you hold sacred and live out in your everyday behaviors and environment.

The condition of your culture is evident everywhere – in your employees’ individual and collective attitudes about where they work and what they do, and in the relationships employees have with each other and with customers.

It’s evident in the ways you recognize and reward your team. You can see it in how you run your meetings, how empowered people feel, what kind of language you use, who takes a risk, how you celebrate success, the cartoons that get pasted on the walls or circulated in your networks and in hundreds of other little ways that your culture expresses itself. Ultimately, it’s evident in your bottom line.

According to Gallup, when you create a strong positive culture you can enjoy an 85% increase in net profit in 5 years. That sounds pretty good to me.

And not only that. There is a “Spillover Effect” in every culture. Positive Cultures spill over goodness – appreciation, gratitude, acknowledgment, caring, accomplishment, pride – 2 to 3 degrees out from their core – and sometimes way farther than that. It’s your way of making the world a more positive place.

Ask yourself: What am I doing as a leader to nourish the Soul I want to see expressed in my business?

As a leader, your influence is greater than you might realize. Your actions are under observation by your team. Remain strong and impactful as we collaboratively build thriving ecosystems that encompass all cultures.

Stay empowered,

P.S. please take this quick poll:

Is tracking employee engagement metrics as crucial to you as tracking customer engagement metrics?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JoAnna Brandi helps fosters inclusive and thriving customer-centric organizations worldwide. She strives to achieve workplaces where employees from diverse backgrounds find joy and inspiration, customers across cultures feel content and devoted, and competitors take notice with anticipation.

JoAnna specializes in assisting businesses to elevate customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction, leading to enhanced profitability. Her approach encompasses a range of services including consultancy, coaching, training, interactive workshops, and accessible self-study resources. By collaborating with JoAnna, you'll tap into the power of connecting positivity with prosperity, a concept that transcends borders and bridges cultures. --> LEARN MORE ABOUT JOANNA


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