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Derecktor Prepares for Construction to Begin Hauling

Derecktor Shipyards is a worldwide leader in the construction, repair, and refit of yachts and commercial and military vessels, with two shipyard operations in the state of Florida. As an industry leader with decades of experience under its belt, Derecktor has added mega yachts to their services offered.

Derecktor’s newest shipyard located in the city of Fort Pierce, Florida; a great port location offered by the city with deep-water access and around eight acres of concrete open-space, perfect for the hauling and repair of mega yachts.

Derecktor is currently in the pre-construction phase of a large haul-out basin specifically made to bring mega yachts inland for repairs utilizing a 1,500-ton mobile boat hoist — largest of its kind in the world.

Servicing Florida Since 1967

Derecktor has operated a successful business in the state of Florida for over 50 years, adding to the local economy and maintaining a steady footprint in an important market of the state. Choosing to expand within the state only means more growth, and, with the addition to focus on mega yachts in this new shipyard opens the region to new opportunities by adding a new market to the state.

Keeping Up with Clients’ Needs Through Expansion and Updating Technologies

As of now, Derecktor has a focus on the repair and refit of sailboats and yachts. Due to limitations in land and equipment needed to care for these larger vessels, Derecktor has noticed this obstruction and decided to adapt to their clientele. This shipyard in Fort Pierce offers their services to a wider range of customers. Their upcoming hauling system will be groundbreaking to the industry in the region.

Derecktor Fort Pierce has been open for in-water service since last November and expects to commence hauling operations for upland repair and refit after construction has been approved and finished early next year.

Will Provide a Boost to the Local Economy for Years to Come

As a result of Derecktor business expansion, Fort Pierce is expected to see an economic boost over the next five years. As many as 900-1,000 new jobs are anticipated to be brought to the area, both directly and indirectly. Yacht crewmembers awaiting repairs to be completed will aid the local economy through housing and recreation other marine oriented business are already looking at the benefits the city of Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County offers.

Clearly a world class service provider, Derecktor competes very well with existing European and Caribbean Mega Yacht centers and certainly will attract its share of this lucrative industry cluster to the Treasure Coast of the state of Florida.

A win-win for the all concerned.


Sam Parada, WTCPB News Writer, World Trade Center Palm Beach,

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