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Introducing AirGlades Airport: An Exciting Opportunity for South Florida’s Imports and Agriculture

Based in Hendry County, Florida, AirGlades International Airport is an up-and-coming export and import cargo airport with a focus on perishable goods.

Due to its geographic location and the nature of the goods that will be transported, AirGlades International’s addition to South Florida will create expansion opportunities for the region’s businesses and countless strategic foreign investment opportunities for hemispheric entrepreneurs looking to locate in South Florida while expanding operations throughout the North American markets.

South Florida is already a hub for perishables received from Central and South America.

The relatively close distance to these hemispheric markets makes it a low-cost investment for air travel. Miami’s Customs District data from 2017 informs us that over 85% of perishable goods land in Florida and are then supplied to the rest of the country. Due to Florida’s well-planned trucking routes, transportation by truck after the goods have landed is another demonstration of the geographic importance of this international cargo airport.

AirGlades International will offer positive opportunities in job creation for the industries of export/import, refrigeration, storage, transportation and logistics as well as numerous other supply chains in the area.

It will also offer incredible opportunities for international sales to local industries that make up the Lake Okeechobee region; a region in which Hendry County is a major part.

In general, the leading industry in the Lake Okeechobee region is agriculture. The addition of AirGlades International Airport to this area will offer local agriculture businesses easier and cheaper access to sell their goods throughout the world.

Outbound flights of other goods, such as machinery and technology, will also be one of AirGlades’ goals; meaning that local manufacturers will find an easier way to offer their products and innovations to the South American and Caribbean markets.

Local manufacturers will find an easier way to offer their products and innovations to the South American and Caribbean markets.

As the global market and demand for agricultural services expands with World Trade Center Palm Beach’s virtual trade show platform, the need for low-cost opportunities in transportation, logistics, and sales demonstrates the importance of a hub such as AirGlades to this region.

World Trade Center Palm Beach’s goal is to see this endeavor grow and become a primary component driving South Florida’s economy and its many industries upwards.


Sam Parada, WTCPB News Writer, World Trade Center Palm Beach


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