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Ambassador Of The Kingdom Of Bahrain To The US – Extends The Hand Of Friendship

During our February 16 webinar "Cross-Border Business Development; Palm Beach & Bahrain" we were honored to have so many professionals speak about the evolving relationship between the business and educational communities of Palm Beach and Bahrain, including His Excellency Shaikh Abdulla R. Al Khalifa with these welcoming remarks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am especially excited about this event as I have come to believe that the work with our friends in Palm Beach and the surrounding area shouldn't be called work at all. The eager nature and ingenuity of those in the area are a breath of fresh air to be around. The entrepreneurial spirit in both the Kingdom of Bahrain and Palm Beach County presents a bridge over which many countless fruits may pass. In fact, the creativity in business and hunger for education are so great and the people of both our lands that through events such as these, it is only a short matter of time before we are prospering together. With the experienced born knowledge in tourism, hospitality and higher learning, Bahrain provides a flourishing garden from which Palm Beach businesses may not only grow but spread throughout the region.

In fact, my good friend Al Zucaro is an ideal example of what I'm talking about. Al, thank you so much for putting together this event. Everyone's participation here, both those speaking and those attending underscores the priority that we all put in business, trade and economy as a critical pillar for continued growth and stability in our nations.

Especially at this time when the global economy has been held captive by COVID for such a long period now, and as much as the pandemic has affected our lives, I'm pleased to see the resiliency in so many people realizing that life goes on and there is a future to capture. The first in our region to provide an economic vision 2030 the leadership of Bahrain is working to sustain the highest quality of life through job creation and growth and devising ways to respond to the supply chain wake up call that caught much of the world off guard.

As we do all of this, one critical component is our friendship. Those partners and willing collaborators across the Atlantic are important components to these efforts. And in like manner, we encourage all of the United States to focus on further strengthening ties with historically aligned nations such as ours.

I know though to that last point I'm somewhat preaching to the choir. Those in attendance of the event today appreciate the need to collaborate and already realize the willing and stable partner that Bahrain represents. But did you also know that not only Bahrain has provided leading incentives for foreign direct investment with no corporate tax or no income tax, but also most recently announced the world to establish a US Free Trade Zone and what we call the Golden Residency Visa permit in efforts to further advance trade capitalizing on our Free Trade Agreement.

Lastly, the commitment expressed by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince at COP26 is further evidence of how Bahrain is stepping forward as a global leader. By 2060, Bahrain will have a net zero emissions. But between now and then, the Kingdom has also set a range of ambitious interim goals.

So as you listen to the roster of so many great speakers today. I would only ask that you not limit yourself. Do not limit what can be done. Embrace the hand of friendship and collaboration being extended to you and know that it is being done so by an eager and capable nation of people that share your desire to prosper and succeed.

— His Excellency Shaikh Abdulla R. Al Khalifa, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United States


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