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Visualize Business Expansion In Logistics And Trade

For well over the last decade, South Florida Economic Development Agencies have brought together community government and community leaders to develop expansive themes for economic development. Of the many topics considered, one stood out as incredibly important in relation to international business expansion in logistics and trade. Uncovered in the discussion were facts worthy of emphasis.

Industry trends suggest that a significant portion of international shippers were planning to reroute cargo from West Coast ports for many reasons. Fast forward to include the expansion of the Panama Canal, retailers began planning relocations to east coast distributions centers making South Florida’s southeastern and southwestern economic regions attractive as a distribution and logistics center.

South Florida is ripe with roadway, rail, and port infrastructure to facilitate these relocations.



With over 6.6 million people in relevant counties, this area of Florida is recognized as having one of the largest GDP in the U.S.; a GDP valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The area hosts five (5) deep water ports; four (4) international commercial airports; a cargo airport in development; a significant presence of international banks; a large presence of international diplomats and consular corps; and ease of proximity to the entire western hemisphere.

Close your eyes and visualize a compass point — in the middle of Lake Okeechobee. . .

Now draw a circle with a 1,500-mile radius — what do you see? …You see that south Florida is not the southeast corner of the U.S. but rather the northwest corner of the Caribbean Basin.

Now expand that circle to a radius of 5,000 miles and what do you see?

You see that south Florida is the epicenter of the western hemisphere….. Keep that visual in mind as you prepare to expand your business internationally.

The map below shows the World Trade Center license holders throughout the world.

Consider the World Trade Center Palm Beach as your gateway to these international business expansion partners in more than 300 highly-connected, mutually supporting businesses and organizations in nearly 100 countries.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alfred Zucaro, President and Founder of World Trade Center Palm Beach, is an International Business Consultant and Immigration Attorney. Under his leadership, WTC Palm Beach promotes international economic development in the eight (8) counties surrounding Lake Okeechobee. With a precise focus on identifying global markets for local businesses and local opportunities for foreign direct investment, Mr. Zucaro lives by the motto, Think Globally, Act Locally. LEARN MORE ABOUT AL


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