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PART THREE: When communicating with others, what is more important – culture or personality?

Explore your personality, expand your comfort zone, and learn how to communicate successfully with others!

Below is the one-hour recorded Zoom event.

Renata Urban, owner of URBAN Training and Services brings a wealth of expertise to WTCPB. She is an experienced language teacher, intercultural and diversity coach, and communication skills trainer. In her previous two articles for WTCPB she discussed the question of cross-cultural communication skills and intercultural competence.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating topic, make sure to register for our upcoming webinar "Master Cross-Cultural Communication With Global DISC™" on Tuesday, March 16th from 12-1pm EST.

Join us for this informative webinar!

  • Renata will be sharing information about personality, culture, cross-cultural communication, and intercultural competence.

  • She will introduce a tool for teambuilding, improving group dynamics, and individual coaching.

  • Learn how to expand your comfort zone and communicate successfully with others.

Zoom Event: Master Cross-Cultural Communication With Global DISC™

DATE: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 TIME: 12-1:00 p.m. EST COST: Free

  • Meet Renata and ask questions about the topic

  • Get to know the tool: Global DISC™

All event registrants are eligible to win a FREE "Intercultural Communication Starter Kit"

  • This includes a full Global DISC™ Assessment with a 35+ page report for you to keep.

  • A coaching session with Renata to decipher the valuable report information.

  • PLUS access to an online training program for three months!


At URBAN Training and Services, we look at people's personality, culture, and the circumstances, and we use proven tools to help people communicate successfully with others.

ABOUT RENATA URBAN: Renata has a passion for teaching and sharing her invaluable skills, knowledge, and experience. Not only has she helped clients succeed in a global business environment but also other educators as a teacher trainer. LEARN MORE ABOUT RENATA


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