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Renata Urban

Meet Renata – she is a certified and experienced language teacher, intercultural coach, and communication skills trainer. Renata has a linguist and a business background. She obtained her university degrees and professional certifications in Europe and stays abreast of concepts, methodologies, and tools in her field by dedicating herself to life-long learning. She can draw on more than 25 years of experience working in HR Training and Development, Public Relations, and Marketing/ Communications for global corporations and as a trainer, coach, and consultant with international training organizations, relocation firms, and private individuals. View recent on-demand presentations.


The professional, resourceful, and patient founder of URBAN Training and Services prides herself on being extremely dependable, organized, and analytic when it comes to the preparation and execution of a coaching or relocation project while maintaining a highly flexible, adaptable, and creative mindset. Renata has a passion for teaching and sharing her invaluable skills, knowledge, and experience. Not only has she helped clients succeed in a global business environment but also other educators as a teacher trainer.


Renata has native proficiency in English and German, and she can communicate in Italian and French at an upper intermediate level. In addition to that, Renata has a basic understanding of Spanish and Portuguese. While her intercultural expertise and international living and working experience is mainly related to the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, and several European countries, Renata has also gained valuable experience working with many other cultures, such as Russia, Japan, China, Brazil, Venezuela, or Colombia. Her multi-lingual ability and multi-cultural mindset allow her to adapt to her clients' unique situation and tailor her courses and services to their needs.

Renata is an empathic training professional and consultant who is passionate about languages and cross-cultural communication, helping clients achieve their goals and making a difference in people's lives.

To learn more, visit her website:

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