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A Land of Opportunity for Glades County’s Distribution Business Development

Glades County sits at the heart of South Florida, making it a central hub for interstate travel and distribution. Within Glades County’s excellent location lies Americas Gateway Logistics Center, a plot of land, shovel ready, for commercial and industrial business purposes.

first tenant Loves Travel Stops
First tenant is Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores an American family-owned chain of more than 500 truck stops

What makes Americas Gateway special is its perfect location.

Nested within the middle of South Florida, Americas Gateway is an inland hub, with easy access to the rest of South Florida. Few other location in the state has a better reach to the major cities of South Florida, being nearly equidistant from Orlando to Miami, and having easy access to the East and West of Lake Okeechobee. Investors looking to build in this plot of land will have plenty of new opportunities to reach and deliver their goods to their audience in all South Florida with more ease.

Due to its location, Americas Gateway also offers incredible potential of growth to the international business market in the region. More than 85% of imported perishable goods enter the U.S. through Florida, meaning there is a high market in the state for the industries of goods distribution and storage.

Safe, easy access from the major ports and air cargo facilities, as well as a close distance to the I-75 should be enough incentive for investors to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Americas Gateway’s location and ample space.

Due to Americas Gateway sitting in a rural area, it benefits from the incentives received by being in the largest Opportunity Zone in the state of Florida. Tax breaks and speedy permitting are part of why building in this plot of land is an investment worth taking for long-term returns. Additionally, companies dealing with international business can receive even greater benefits.

Americas Gateway will become a key component for South Florida’s local and international trade businesses.


Sam Parada, WTCPB News Writer, World Trade Center Palm Beach

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