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How are Hispanics impacting our South Florida community?

Florida is home to the third largest Hispanic and Brazilian population in the U.S., and they represent largest minority group in the U.S. Hispanics are integral part of the South Florida landscape, bringing a new perspective and contributing in all areas.

According to Michael Finney of the Beacon Council during a NBC6 South Florida interview, “Hispanic businesses represent a significant portion of the businesses of the State of Florida. But it is even more concentrated here in South Florida. Of all the Hispanic businesses in all of Florida , roughly 70% are here in South Florida.”

The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce reports over 604,000 Hispanic-owned businesses across the State that together contribute in excess of $90 billion to Florida’s economy each year.

Hispanics also make contributions in the Arts and Culture, including visual arts, performing arts and literary contributions. The art scene is full of Latino artistic expressions, galleries from Miami’s Art District to West Palm Beach Box Gallery, constantly exhibit the work of talented artists and the Hispanic authors add a unique storytelling expression of cultural pluralism.

Hispanics are also projected to be the largest minority group in the electorate for the first time on record in 2020, according to a report by the Pew Research Center.

According to Andrew Duffell, President of the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, “the positive impact Hispanic entrepreneurs and business professionals have had on the socio economic landscape of South Florida can not be overstated. Greater Miami became a Global hub of commerce as a result of Latin American immigration, entrepreneurship and hard work and gave rise to what is South Florida. Innovators like Manny Medina led the way in the internet revolution and more recently Rodrigo Griesi has shown Brazilian technology can transform industries as his company was acquired for $100 million”.

Abilio González, former Senior VP Global Human Resources for Solera Holdings with a vast experience in Fortune 500 corporations states : “My experience in Corporate America has taught me the importance of leveraging the Hispanic and Brazilian population. Their interest in technology and entrepreneurship and their high level of education that they have brought and developed in the U.S., not only makes them the largest minority population in the country, but also makes them a powerhouse in the cultural, economical and political arenas.”

As a response to the needs of the Hispanic business entrepreneurs, the Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative (HEI), a Non Profit Organization (501c3), was born to empower the Hispanic entrepreneur community through Training and Coaching programs to increase their odds of sustainable business success in the U.S., and to optimize the quality and length of their learning cycle as business owners. HEI strives to be a bridge between the U.S. and Hispanic markets.

Founders Mary Sol Gonzalez, Valentina Moretti and Yulimar Trumbo, represent South Florida Hispanic women entrepreneurs, and with a Board of Directors comprised of high-profile corporate leaders, business owners, and Higher Education professionals, HEI is positioned as the sustainable proposition to help small Hispanic-owned businesses to stay afloat. During the times of crisis it is essential to seek the guidance of professionals that understand the fast paced, growing entrepreneurial landscape of South Florida and how to succeed in the U.S.

HEI has different programs for entrepreneurs, working with Mastermind Virtual Classes, Entrepreneur Forums and working to launch their HEI On Demand program.

To learn more about the Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative visit


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mary Sol Gonzalez's unique background of entrepreneurship and non profit organizations led her to Co found the Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative, empowering Hispanic Entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses in the US. LEARN MORE ABOUT MARY


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