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New to Okeechobee County: Bautech USA Settles in a Great Location

Okeechobee county is located in the middle of South-Central Florida, making it a nearly equidistant gateway between Orlando and Miami, and the East and West coasts of the state. Bautech USA, an international company, saw this land as the perfect location to open a manufacturing branch and take advantage at the great opportunities the zone has to offer. They have signed a 30-year lease contract to open for business.

With a team carrying many decades of experience under their belt, Bautech USA will become a high-quality manufacturing facility focusing on the production, distribution, and installation of mid-sized, precast concrete products.

Bautech USA will be a fresh newcomer in Florida’s construction industry, aiming to deliver high quality services to the market, and as the global market for precast concrete items is expected to grow in the upcoming years, Bautech USA has a solid standing in the market.

Bautech USA will have the capability to work up to 800 tons of customizable concrete products a day.

This will be achieved thanks to automated European technology that will be arriving at their state-of-the-art factory by the end of the month. Environmentally friendly, Bautech USA will take the steps necessary to provide their services while keeping waste drops to a minimum in their region.

The arrival of Bautech USA will also benefit the local population.

Expecting to add around 20 people to their administrative force, Bautech’s CEO, Sergio Prahl, has made it a goal to hire local, adding jobs to Florida’s workforce. As well as creating jobs, Bautech USA will be responsible for indirect job creation, through distribution and purchase of local parts and materials. Okeechobee county and the surrounding region will benefit from Bautech USA’s entrance to the state.

When asked why they chose Okeechobee county to settle in, Sergio Prahl made note of the great advantages the location has. From short distances to major cities and commercial hubs, to easy access to an interconnected highway system. Prahl also praised the county’s leaders for their diligent and friendly help on settling down. Prahl wishes to be able to give back to the community as a thank you for a smooth entrance into the state market.

Bautech USA is expecting to commence manufacturing as early as January 2021. View Bautech USA’s official brochure:


Sam Parada, WTCPB News Writer, World Trade Center Palm Beach,


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