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Corporate Opportunities For The Rapidly Expanding Financial Services Industry

World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) has observed an incredible growth in the Finance and Banking industry over the past decade in the South Florida-Palm Beach County region.


Due to our region’s low corporate taxes and high-profile businesses and people, this industry has managed to exponentially grow as new headquarters open and prepare to stay long-term, and local offices take on more and more responsibilities and clients.


WTCPB is creating a virtual trade show that explores the many business opportunities for the finance industry to grow here, not only because of low corporate taxes, but because of the rapidly expanding high income demographic, the many large public and private companies moving here, the high profile medical research facilities locating here, the excellent transportation network including an efficient airport and rail network and, of course, the wonderful climate.

WTCPB is creating a 

Virtual Trade Show "FinTechAmericas" 

Exploring the many global business opportunities for our finance industry. 

As communication and global connections become easier with technology, the need for services which can be handled remotely will see exponential growth, as will the need for professionals to manage that growth. 


The financial services industry can also find a broader international public by providing ongoing services to clients outside our region’s borders.


“FinTechAmericas” will give these businesses the resources needed to promote themselves to high-profile clients internationally, by providing marketing techniques and a platform showing the many services our region now offers.  All forms of wealth management and investment will have an opportunity to be exposed to a wider audience from the low-cost comfort of our South Florida region.  

Finance News



FinTechAmericas understands the need for the industry to operate and make decisions at a cost-effective level.


This is why “FinTechAmericas” is dedicated to providing this industry with the information and expertise needed to locate and prosper here through our virtual trade shows and to highlight the area’s international growth opportunities in financial services. 

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