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Life Sciences:

An Ever-Developing Industry In South Florida Aiming At A High Quality Of Life

Palm Beach is a dominant county in the industry of Bio Sciences.


It currently houses more than 200 companies that concentrate in the services of scientific manufacturing, research, and testing.

At the World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) we are creating a BioScienceAmerica initiative to provide companies with the opportunity to expand their services, products, and opportunities to a large network, at an international level.

With the addition of Scripps Florida Research Institute and the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, North Palm Beach has become a Life Sciences Corridor, offering opportunities for research and testing to businesses that choose to settle within the county.


World Trade Center Palm Beach is a 20-year member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA).   Formed in 1970, WTCA is the world’s largest, private international trade association comprised of more then 300 WTC license holders representing companies in over 90 countries worldwide. The map above shows WTC's around the globe, plus it shows South Florida is the epicenter of the western hemisphere. 

Science Lab
Male Scientist
Machinery in a Physics Lab
AT the LAb

With our BioScienceAmerica initiative we strive to boost the Bio Sciences and Life Sciences industries in our south-central region of Florida. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The WTCPB helps expose the creativity, the knowledge, and the labor force available in this Bio Science haven — to a wider international customer.

This will be achieved through a multi-pronged approach.


  1. Custom Virtual Trade Show events. This is a new resource offered by WTCPB. These Virtual Trade Shows focus on showcasing the business and industries in our region surrounding Lake Okeechobee, to a worldwide public.

  2. Through the tools and business resources of our World Trade Center Association (WTCA) network of more than 300 highly connected, mutually supporting businesses and organizations in nearly 100 countries. Very helpful in creating international business strategies, networks, customers and suppliers — that can last well into the future. 

WTCPB’s BioScienceAmerica initiative in this region of south-central Florida will be the gateway for local business and industry into international markets.

Industries That Enhance Quality Of Life  

Test Tubes
Scientist on Computer

Start increasing your businesses exposure to a wider international audience, today! 

Services offered within the Lake Okeechobee region that benefit an international audience include, but are not limited to;


Manufacturing of all kinds including laboratory instruments, medical devices, biopharmaceutics, clinical trials, medical research, consulting, and testing of better ways to use renewable resources, among others. 

The industries of Bio Sciences and Life Sciences are among the industries that see the most change. These industries are in high demand. This generates a perfect opportunity to supply knowledge and research gained to a global audience. 


WTCPB creates cost-effective opportunities for companies to break into markets well beyond their own backyard. No Membership Required.

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