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Abstract Water

The Unheralded ‘World Class’ Industry of South Florida’s Lake Okeechobee Region

WTCPB is developing a virtual trade show and conference designed to stimulate local water treatment, management and environmental technology manufacturers and service companies exports to the Caribbean, to Mexico, and to Latin and South America.

World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) recognizes that water and water technology is a world-class industry in the counties surrounding Florida’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Okeechobee. 

Water Drops

WTCPB’s AquatecAmerica Program

Developing new or expanded international marketing, education, and industry exhibition strategies directed at measurably increase exports from the Lake Okeechobee geographic region in the disciplines of water treatment, water management and environmental technology, disciplines as offered by private sector service providers and manufacturers.


The innovative AquatecAmerica will position WTCPB’s Lake Okeechobee region as a destination for foreign water management experts.

Bring decision makers from private and public sectors to realize this geography as a living, breathing classroom that includes projects such as the Everglades restoration, environmental resource management, water catchment, water reclamation, drought management, flood protection, water quality, preserves, canals, wetlands, wellfields, saltwater intrusion, water recycle, ultra-filtration reverse osmosis and storm water flow management. 


In addition to developing this steady flow of international interest, AquatecAmerica will be the catalyst for developing virtual trade shows for the international water and environmental industry. 


Along with significantly increasing exports, the ultimate objective with the virtual shows and conferences is to position the Lake Okeechobee region as the global center of water competency with a branded identity as such.

The AquatecAmerica program will provide area businesses with a cost-effective means to be marketed and promoted among the foreign buyers of water management and environmental technologies. 


In addition, the WTCPB’s AquatecAmerica team will assist with technical and logistical guidance for marketable products and services.

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