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We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge virtual trade show platform. 


This interactive and engaging online environment provides an array of opportunities such as product demonstrations, video chats, data-driven matchmaking through artificial intelligence capability, and flexible meeting scheduling with customers and prospects…


All geared towards helping the exhibitor successfully reach the target audience. 


A virtual trade show in many ways can be better than the annual trade event and is rapidly becoming an integral part of most company marketing strategies and plans. Today, in many cases, more viewers watch an event than attend or even fit into some convention centers.  This transformation obviously foreshadows a major issue for the sprawling corporate event business.

Cost Savings


Your company will save thousands of dollars in travel costs, booth fees and shipping charges.  Our virtual environment allows you to cost-effectively connect with professionals and decision makers who are actively seeking solutions to current challenges.



A great way to enhance your brand exposure and commitment to your field of company expertise, as well as help create a better experience for the attendee. Being a sponsor gives you unmatched opportunities to connect with all aspects of the industry.

Prolonged Visibility


Exposure to your products and services does not end when the live event is over.  The exhibition website remains active for 30 days after the live event closes, allowing you more time for interactions and connections with potential customers.


Effective Lead Generation


The matchmaking platform can suggest connections based on communal interests between attendees and exhibitors, facilitating new and efficient pathways to meaningful connections.


Exhibitors See Higher ROI With Virtual Trade Shows:

  • Lower costs of participation

    • no airfare, lodging, shipping costs

    • no exhibit buildout cost

    • lower cost of marketing – digital is cheaper than print

  • More attendees = more booth visits

  • Longer show duration = more booth visits

  • Powerful analytics

    • Total number of visitors

    • Total number of unique visitors

    • Total number of video chats

    • Total number of appointments scheduled

    • Total number of contest entries submitted

    • Summary of all emails collected, etc.

  • Mailing list availability with analytics

  • Ability to take advantage of cross-digital marketing with website redirect, which results in higher SEO ranking and opens doors to retargeting campaigns

  • No visitor leaves a virtual booth empty-handed – marketing information is just one click away


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